As many of our passengers frequently say, our volunteer drivers provide a service which is a Life Line for people who would be isolated without us. If you have not been a volunteer driver before, you may not realise how rewarding an experience it can be. You give up a small amount of your time but you make it possible for others to carry on with their lives. They really do appreciate it.

Our volunteers drive as much or as little as they wish, using our MPVs or their own cars. Some drivers commit to a regular one day a week and this helps with our planning. Others do not want that level of commitment but will drive occasionally, for example when we have holidays to cover. Car drivers using their own cars tend to drive when needed, and a mileage allowance is paid for using their own car.

We currently operate Monday to Friday, basically between 9am and 5pm, although actual times will vary depending on passenger requirements. A typical day for an MPV driver may involve picking 4 or 5 clients from their homes, taking them to various destinations and then returning them home later in the day. If you drive regularly you will probably get to know your passengers well. You can expect to cover around 80 miles in an average day.

If you think you would be interested in volunteering with us please telephone 0845-2020144 (in our normal office hours) and we will explain how we operate and how you can help. The process of becoming a driver is simple though we will, of course, check driving licences, seek references, and carry out a 'Disclosure and Barring Service' (DBS) check.


When driving for us, some of our volunteer drivers only drive their own cars, others only drive one or more of our fleet of multi-person vehicles (MPVs), and others drive both. Our fleet presently comprises:
- 2 Volkswagens (VW3 & VW5, VW2 reached the end of its life for us) which can carry up to 7 passengers including a wheelchair which is loaded by ramp and winch (if required);
- 1 Renault (R1, which is new) which can carry up to 8 passengers including a wheelchair which is loaded by tail lift; and
- 2 Zafiras (Z1 plus the new-to-us Z2) which can carry up to 5 people.
Whereas the Volkswagens and the Renault are 'like a minibus', the Zafiras are 'cars'.

Fleet Manager : Chris Tomlinson  

On the left: one of our VWs.

On the right: the 'presentation of the keys' for the new Renault (on 31.05.18) with Rt. Hon. Jesse Norman MP in attendance.

Volunteer drivers receive in-house training on how to use the MPVs before they may drive any of our customers in them.