BOOKING LINE: 0345 20 20 144

Please note that in early 2021 we changed the phone number from 0845- to 0345-.

Normal office hours: 9.00am to 12.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Your call will be taken by one of our Co-ordinators, Sue or Sarah.

Office hours may be varied at certain times of the year (eg Christmas and New Year).
There is an out-of-hours answering service on which you can leave a request (with your phone number please).
Sue or Sarah will call you back as soon as possible.

As reported on the About Us page, we are not a bus service and we are not a taxi service. To use our services, you must have registered with us beforehand. However, that is very easy to do and can be done over the phone using the above phone number. Once you have registered with us, you may call in at any time during office hours and ask to book a driver. Our Co-ordinators will then see if any of our volunteer drivers is able to take you and then one of the Co-ordinators will call you back to tell you if she has been successful with that and to confirm details, including the charge. Please give at least 48 hours notice to allow time for the Co-ordinators to arrange for a volunteer driver and to create the schedule for the day.
- When you first register with us you will be asked to provide some simple information about yourself (name, address and contact details), confirmation that you are aged over 16 (unless that is self-evident!), and if there is anything relevant to your transportation needs that we should be aware of (in particular mobility issues such as any need of a wheelchair and ability to climb/descend steps and also any vehicle access problems relevant to your location). If you are acting on behalf of someone else (such as anyone aged under 16 or someone who is not able to answer for themselves), please report that fact to the Co-ordinator. We respect the confidentiality of all such information which we shall use & retain, in accordance with the requirements of relevant Data Protection Regulation, only in order to enable us to provide the services you need. If you want to see our Data Protection Policy, please ask one of the Co-ordinators.
- If necessary, your first booking can be requested in the same phone call as your registration with us.
- Please remember that a booking has not been confirmed until one of our Co-ordinators has told you that it has been confirmed.
- Depending on your destination, it is possible that you will be asked to share the vehicle with one or more other customers.

Although the Booking Line is only open weekday mornings, our transport service operates all day, five days a week. If you need transport at weekends or outside normal working hours, please telephone to see if we can accommodate your request. Our volunteer drivers vary greatly in what they can offer so please do not be shy of asking. If enough warning is given then there is a good chance that we can sort something out. Don't forget that this applies to requests for small groups as well as to requests by individuals.
- See here for information on our Transport Fleet. You will see that some of our vehicles can take up to 7 or 8 people, and some can take wheelchairs.

Our charges are modest even though our drivers will come to your door, take you where you want to go, wait for you (for an agreed period of time), and take you back home.