Most of those who live in South West Herefordshire will be familiar with the Dore Community Transport red MPVs that crisscross our area; after all we have been operating since 2000. What is surprising is that, after all this time, some people are still confused about what we do. We regularly get comments like “I thought you only took people to hospital” or “I thought you had to be a pensioner to use Dore Transport.” That is not true! We do much more than that. If you live in our area of operation (the blue area shown in the map) and do not have independent means of transport or useable bus service then you should think about using us. There is no age limit, although young children should be accompanied by an adult. We will take you anywhere in our area or just beyond and we do go further if one of our drivers agrees to take you. We take people (singly or in small groups) to the shops, hairdressers, to visit friends, etc., as well as to doctors, dentists, day care centres and hospitals.
South West Herefordshire is a beautiful place to live but it suffers from poor public transport and rare & expensive taxi services.
Dore Community Transport was set up to address these problems.


Dore Community Transport is one of a number of charitable organisations that have been set up by people who wish to support their local communities. In our case, the problem we are addressing is the very real one of people in our area being cut-off from the rest of Society because of their lack of available transport.
- Please note that we are not a bus service and we are not a taxi service. To use our services, you must first register with us and then book a drive with us ... but it is very easy to register with us and to book with us. All that need take is for you to phone us and then for you to receive a confirmatory phonecall back from us. For more information on that, see the Bookings page.

We operate a fleet of vehicles, several of which have been adapted to take wheelchairs. These are driven by volunteers and many of our volunteers also use their own cars to extend our service.
- To find out more about our fleet of vehicles, see the Volunteers page.

Do remember that we are not limited to helping wheelchair-users nor are we limited to helping the elderly, although we do of course identify those groups as amongst our potential customers. We support the Whole Community. However, we are limited by 2 main things:
(a) the licence we have to operate (we have permits to operate under Section 19 of the Transport Act 1985), and
(b) the number of volunteer drivers that we have and their ability & willingness to drive people around.
- It is the Transport Act 1985 (and associated legislation or regulation) that means that we have to register & prebook people who need our support rather than just go around looking for customers 'off the street'.
- Our drivers may be as happy to take a group of friends to the cinema as they are to take someone to the hospital. It is worth asking us to see what we can do! For more on this, see the Bookings page.
- To find out more about becoming one of our drivers, see the Volunteers page.

Dore Community Transport is a company limited by guarantee (registered in England, number 4355269) that has been registered as a UK charity (number 1097172).
- The company's registered office is Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall, Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire HR2 0EL.
- To find out more about our charity status, financial and compliance information, visit theĀ Charity Commission Search page and search for us there.
- We have adopted Policies & Procedures covering issues such as Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Complaints, and the Safeguarding of Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults. If you want to see any of these and have a genuine reason for doing so, please contact our Office.

Roger Bradley (Chairman), David Bond (Secretary), Trefor Edwards (Treasurer), Tony Capon, Christopher Tomlinson, Peter Barns-Graham

Kathryn Evans

Sue Goldsbury, Sarah Cleaver